Blueberry Crumb Bars

Here is a lovely recipe for blueberry crumb bars.  I got this recipe from SugarCrafter.  This time of year is the time of fresh blueberries.  Two weekends ago,  I went to a blueberry farm in Southampton, MA (Bird Haven Blueberry Farm) and picked my own blueberries.  I had never seen blueberries on the bush before so it was fascinating.  They have a net over the blueberries to keep out birds.  It was so cool to pick our own.  We ended up picking 19 pounds of blueberries in a little over 1 hour.  Here’s our bounty.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun afternoon.

These blueberries aren’t picked by me but are still delicious.  We had lots of blueberries in the fridge, so I thought these bars would be a good way to use a few of these scrumptious little berries up.

I mixed the sugar, brown sugar, cornstarch, ginger, and lemon juice and mixed that in with the blueberries. (I was worried the ginger would be overbearing, but it just enhances the blueberry flavor.)

Here’s the crumb mixture that is the crust bottom and topping.

The crumbs are layered on the bottom of a pan and baked for 10 minutes then layered with the blueberry mixture followed by the crumb topping.  Here are the bars ready to be put into the oven.

This is baked for 20-25 minutes and you get this.

These bars are delicious with the blueberries nice and gooey.  Bon Appetit!

Recipe:Blueberry Crumble Bars Recipe


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