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So I’m officially starting another year at college.  I would love to say that I will continue to bake as often as I did before, but there are commitments called homework, chemistry, crew, food, and sleep that also consume my time.  Wish me luck as I continue my journey through college and try to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.  No biggie, right?  Nothing life changing or anything?  Can’t I just be hit with a strike of lightening and my future becomes clear.  If only? Well, I embark on another year to sift through choices and choose my following or followings.  I will try, try, try to bake for you and for my own sanity.  Any housemates or crewbies out there, you may get to partake in some of my spoils!?!  I leave you with a few baking blogs,  that I follow semi-religiously (nothing stalkerish or anything). Here’s a screenshot of my Safari Favorites page.  All but 2 of these 24 bookmarked pages are blogs (including mine).  Don’t even mention the word obsessive.  (I’m very blogging illiterate, so I couldn’t figure out how not to have the picture get cropped, HELP! or just disregard)

Check these out when you’re hankering for a good recipe and pass on any recipes that you think deserve praise.

The Pioneer Woman: posts about food, photography, daily life, she also gives away mixers and such pretty often so keep your eyes peeled

The Noble Pig: recipes full of deliciousness and lots of fat, sugar, and butter, so eat wisely

Dessert First: high-class pastries

The Sugar Crafter: recipes from every genre and for every occasion

Brown Eyed Baker: lovely recipes with pictures at every step

Joy the Baker: has nice recipes and clever how-tos (homemade cake flour and brown sugar)

Smitten Kitchen: recipes for baked goods, desserts, but also has cooking recipes for dinner and side dishes for those who are more cooking inclined

Baking Bites: recipes, notes from other blogs, and other cooking tidbits

Bake at 350: has wonderful pictures and recipes for cookies with colorful icings and designs, I’m interested in trying this sometime

My Baking Addiction: gorgeous photos and delectable treats

17 and Baking: one of my inspirations for starting this blog

Cake Wrecks: actually not really a baking blog with recipes and such, shows cake disasters

King Arthur Flour – Baking Banter: this is where you go for recipes from the experts, King Arthur Flour also has a website full of ingredients, baking tools, recipes, and much more.  I’ve actually taken some classes at their store in Vermont, well worth the money.  Also, when you’re in a baking bind, they have a baking hotline to answer all your questions.

Well, these are a few of the baking blogs I follow semi-religiously.  Let me know, if you know of a good one (besides my own), that you think is worth checking out.


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