A Recipe for Life

There is no recipe for a delicious baked good today, just a recipe for the rest of my life.  I’ve talked a lot about the cupcake in my blog name, but up until now, I have failed to tell you about chemistry and crew.

I finished my second week of classes, and free time does not exist (welcome to the life of a science major).  For crew, we have a saying “Eat, Sleep, Row.”  Right now, it’s eat, sleep, row, class, homework.  Usually one of the those things doesn’t fit and it’s usually sleep.  Although I’m a busy bee, I’m so happy to be back in the wonderful world of chemistry.  I’m taking a organic chem class and I’m TAing (helping the lab instructor)  a chem lab.  It’s so cool to see students exploring chemistry in lab for the first time and watching chemistry come to life.  (Sorry if I sound like an old woman, but it really inspired me to keep plugging away at chemistry when I see their reactions.) The only downside of TAing is I have to prep solutions for the lab.  Sounds like fun right, expect when you’re working with dangerous chemicals.  I was very careful, but I just get extremely nervous.

Well a little about crew,  4:30 does come early, but every morning is worth it.  I see all my teammembers up and awake ready to row with me, and I’m excited.  This past week (when I was sleep-deprived) I would go to practice in a really cranky mood, but by the end of practice, I was so much happier and relaxed.  Another plus, I get to see the sun rise everyday.  I think this is one of the reason’s that crew is the best sport.  Most sports are played on a  field or inside a gym (BORING).  I get to see the glistening river, the changing of the seasons, and other wonders of nature.

Right now I’m plugging away at my chemistry homework and enjoying the peaceful morning.  I got to sleep in today, and I still woke up at 8 AM.  My body is all out of whack.  There’s a little update on my life,  feel free to tell me how you’re doing.

I leave you with two pictures.  See what you can make of them.


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