Runaway Eggs

Most recipes call for eggs. (Cute chick picture above just to brighten the day.)  I usually get the number I need out of the carton and put them on the carton.  You really don’t want to have the whole egg carton out and warming to room temp.

Salmonella=bad! Salmonella bacteria can double in 20 minutes.  So, you now have just the eggs you need out, but they want to run away, fall off the counter, run into this and that.

Well, I have a secret for you to stop this problem for good.  At the bottom of the egg (fat end down), there is an air pocket. If you tap the bottom of the egg gently (gently) against the counter, you’ll create a semi-flat surface for the egg to rest on.

Now your eggs will obey you when you tell them to sit up straight.

Look at those beautiful eggs defying gravity.  


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