Smith, E.G. Mother, helper Extraordinaire, Baking Expert, Pie Making Feign, etc.  1995-2010.

Smith, J.S. Grandmother.  Retired Home Ec. Teacher.  Baking Expert.  Butter Lover, etc. 1995-2010.

This is my sad attempt at making a funny reference to the people that have inspired and molded my baking skills.   My grandmother is an awesome baker (previously Home Ec. Teacher), although now that she can’t see well, she does less.   She was chopping some chocolate for a recipe, and there goes her finger.  Just kidding, my grandma has all ten fingers and toes but you get the picture.  She is the one who taught me all those traditional recipes that I should know. Great cookies, excellent fudge, and awesome pies.  She wants to still teach me (with the help of her daughter, my aunt) to make potato donuts.  I’m excited and nervous to fry something,  because that’s something I’ve never done.  My grandma is awesome and she is sassy and stubborn (I’ll blame that trait of mine on her too).

My mom also inspired me to bake, although I’ve surpassed her abilities in many baking avenues.  She has taught me lots about baking and helped me get the help I needed when something was beyond her ability (Ex: bread, so I took a week-long bread class).  My mom is awesome in general.  I may have surpassed her in many categories of baking, but she still has me beat in pie making.  So, my mom offers to bake stuff for me when I’m away at college, which many parents do.  Sadly, by the time the cookies or brownies get here, they don’t always still taste good.  Also, I can whip up a batch in my house’s oven and eat WARM brownies.  So, when my mom said to expect a care package, I was skeptical.  Boy, was I surprised.

She had sent me mini pumpkin and pecan pies.  DELICIOUS! They look a little worse for wear after the traveling, but they still tasted Scrumptious.  And the pecans weren’t burnt (a speciality of my mom’s).

I sat down and had one of each. The picture at the top of this blog is what was left.

So you see that even though I’m an awesome baker (if I do say so myself), my mom can still spoil me with baked goods.

Thanks Mom and Grandma, you are awesome!


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