Year in Review

So, I know it’s already the third week in January, but I thought this would be a good time to give you some updates on this blog.


Thanks everyone for your support and comments.  I can’t believe that I started this blog on a whim, and many of you have stuck with me through my recipes and random posts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while.  I haven’t taken a break from baking, just taking a break from posting.  I would like to post more often, but my winter break has been crazy.  Filled with tons of rides in the car and train, crossing states and crossing snow.  Tomorrow, I’m heading back to school, and I’m hoping to pick back up with my blogging.  I love that this blog gives me an excuse to bake, and my friends seem to like it too.


I have 400 recipes saved on my computer that I want to try, so I pledge to make 2011 the year when I try to conquer 100 of those recipes.  Will you join me in baking? Trying new flavors and recipes and expanding your repertoire?  Here’s to a great and tasty 2011.



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