So, I have been slacking.  I haven’t been working out.  I haven’t been baking. And,  I haven’t been blogging.


So,  I’ve decided to get back on the bandwagon with all of these things.  I will go to the gym every morning, you are my witness.


I have 8 blogs in the works that I will publish soon, and I hope to get baking again.


I am completing a chemistry internship in Balitmore.  I am having a wonderful time, doing lots of organic chemistry reactions and learning lots of other chemistry and science information.  In addition to this lovely internship, I was given housing, but I have to make all of my own meals.  Not too much of a problem, but our kitchen consists of 2 burners and a fridge.  These amenities are less than desirable, but my mom visited me this weekend and brought an extra microwave down.  Now, I can cook a few more things, and I have found some delicious looking no-bake recipes.


I will fill you in on all of these things, but I have decided to start this new journey tomorrow.


Today, I’m snacking on some nutritious sour gummi (and yes, the package spells gummy with an i) bears and watching lots of MONK episodes on Netflix.  Don’t judge, you have all done the same thing at one time.

Now, I’m going  to get back to my bear pals, but stay tuned for a tour-i-fic post tomorrow.





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