Fell’s Point Food Tour (Baltimore)

My mom came to visit me this past weekend in Baltimore, and I decided to take her on a food tour.  What is a food tour?  A walking tour that includes some tasty treats with a bit of history thrown in.

We decided on the Fell’s Point food tour, provided by Charm City Food Tours. They also have a food tour in Little Italy and Federal Hill with a new tour in Mt. Vernon being offered soon.

Our tour guide was very helpful, providing wonderful tidbits about the food and about the different sites we were seeing.

Our tour began at Hungry Andy’s where we had delicious pit beef with delicious homemade BBQ sauce and sweet onions.  We also had some wonderful french fries with just the right amount of sea salt.

We even got to talk to Andy, himself.  He gave us his secret for quality french fries.  If you want to know, you will have to go there yourself.  It’s well worth the trip.

Next, we headed over to Stuggy’s where they specialize in hot dogs.  We had the Baltimore dog, a hot dog with baloney and mustard.  Sounds like a really odd combination, and it was to me.  I’m a traditional hotdog with ketchup gal.  But, I tasted the hot dog, and it was delicious.  The owners grind up the meat themselves and make their own hotdog meat, and it is evident in the dog.  I would suggest visiting Stuggy’s and get whatever dog tickles your fancy.

We had some time to walk off those munchies, while our tour guide filled us in on some background about Fell’s Point.

These numbers are on a few remaining curbs, and mark the stalls for the market.  They were only a few feet apart, demonstrating the tight space that these people worked in.

We walked along the waterfront.

We headed over to the Wharf Rat Bar, a favorite evening hangout.  I sipped a beer but it was a little strong.

We saw the four remaining wood houses in Fell’s Point, painted in eccentric and exciting colors.

Lots of the houses had these tiny, little alleyways back to the backyard like the turquoise door above.  Some of these walkways were super skinny.  Guess no one was overweight in those days.

We saw the grave plots of the Fells family. They owned acres upon acres of land that they built up and sold off to make way for Felltown.  Sadly, the family had no heirs, so Fell’s Point was absorbed into Baltimore.

Right next door to this plot was an interesting door knocker.

I found this one too.

We meandered over to Todd Conner’s, where we feasted on a mini crab cake toppeed with red pepper alioli and seared tuna. Very good and wonderfully cooked.

We traveled up to the 5th floor of the Inn at the Black Olive, where they have tucked away a fabulous restaurant, the Olive.  We tasted a variety of spreads on their wonderful bread.  They had some to-die-for hummus, colored green by their olive oil, baba ghanoush (a delectable eggplant spread), Tzatziki (a greek yogurt and mint spread), some delicious feta, and some olives (I hate olives, Ugh!).

We were able to sit down, enjoy the view, and chat with the other people on the tour. They also have a lovely market where you can buy these dips, enjoy some organic wine, or pick out some fresh fish.

We finished the evening at Mr. Yogato.

We sat down in a converted alleyway that was enclosed.  The windows were painted to reflect the space’s original decor.

We devoured our tangy frozen yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips.

My mom and I had a fantastic time and left content with full bellies.  I would recommend you check out these particular Charm City Food Tours or check out the food tours in your area and find the hidden gems you never knew about or look for food tours when you are visiting somewhere and enjoy some food sprinkled with history and fun.

Wherever you go, be OPEN to new ideas.


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