Pi Pie

My family always has pies for dessert on Thanksgiving.  Plus, they are usually always pecan pie and pumpkin pie.  Delicious, but sometimes I like to mix it up.  Last year, we also made blueberry pie, and it was a hit (the tradition of blueberry will continue this year).

Wondering what pie recipe to use for pies?

Although I would love to give you my family’s recipe for pie crust, but it’s top secret, so instead I’ll fill you in on the filling (pun intended).  (This pie crust recipe is actually stolen from my church’s archives, all the church ladies get together every year and make over a thousand pies, so this recipe is foul-proof, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the recipe/secret ingredient)


For pumpkin pie, my family follows the recipe on the back of the  pumpkin pie filing can.  We uses Libby’s.  It’s a simple, spice infused recipe, that is also foul-proof.

For pecan pie, we follow the recipe on the back of the dark corn syrup bottle.  We use Karo dark corn syrup, but we add lots more pecans than the recipe calls for.  I hate to eat a pecan pie, where only the top layer has pecans, and the rest is just filling.  Add pecans so they all get coated generously with the filling mix.

Enjoy your pies and the rest of your time with family and friends.