Just got back from a lovely Thanksgiving break, although I did cut half my finger off with this slicer dicer machine my family has (yes, I’m exaggerating, and sadly it had a safety piece that I ignored). How was your Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?


Well, I’m thankful for my great ability to bake, who doesn’t love a warm cookie, a fresh pie, or a cute cupcake.  Okay, okay, I’m also thankful for my great family and awesome friends.


Sadly, it’s back to the real world, full of class, homework, and thousands of other duties.  Can I fast-forward to Christmas, skip through finals and papers?


Well, it’s a few pictures of my Thanksgiving pies to remind me of the relaxing few days full of good food.

Pumpkin pie: not my best pie, can’t figure out where that chunk went.


A tad burnt but delicious! I enjoyed gobbling off the head of the turkey.

One of my best pies, she’s a beauty!!!


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, complete with lovely pies or other delectable treats.